An increasingly competitive real estate market can make it more challenging to get top dollar when selling your home, especially if you have little sales experience under your belt. But some savvy ideas to present your home at its best will help you emphasize its true potential and sell a ‘lifestyle’ to prospective buyers. Use these tips for selling your house to achieve the best possible price once you throw your doors open to buyers.

1.    Clear Out the Clutter

It’s unanimous – nobody likes clutter, particularly when it is not yours. Buyers need to envision themselves living in the house, and too many of your items strewn around everywhere will hinder this experience.

Getting rid of your clutter not only makes your house look more spacious but also increases its visual appeal, which can ultimately help you get a better price. A minimalistic look can transform your home instantly – from clearing crowded shelves to removing toys, chargers, and artwork. But remember, you also don’t want to get rid of everything because the house may end up looking a little too sterile.

2.    Present Your Property in the Best Light with Property Styling

Any agent will tell you that a visually appealing property is likely to sell faster, and for more money. So, the lead-up to an open inspection is an excellent time to professional property styling or home staging. In fact, many experts estimate that professionally staged properties increase the price of homes by 10 percent on average.

Since different demographics respond differently, it is wise to plan your styling strategically. Exquisitely furnished office space will pique the interest of working professionals, while an attractive nursery or kids’ bedroom will give you the winning edge with young families. A professional stylist uses their experience to identify features that weaken the property’s appeal.

3.    Renovate a Dated Bathroom or Kitchen

As crucial living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms should ideally present as spotless, attractive and highly functional. If they are dated, a hot tip from most agents is to consider renovations. Updating old and grubby surfaces will make them look sparkling and far more welcoming when prospective buyers scour through the home. Upgrading benches to stone and updating fittings are often the easiest ways to make a bathroom or kitchen look new.

Let’s put this in perspective, a simple $10,000 kitchen makeover can add another $20,000 to your asking price. A basic bathroom renovation might cost as little as $15,000, but it can be the difference between a disappointing sale price and flurry of offers, possibly adding tens of thousands to your profits.


4.    Create a Purpose for Every Space

It’s always a good idea to create a purpose for every space in your home because buyers aren’t always adept at visualising how to use empty spaces.

If you find a way to show them how to use the space best, you can demonstrate its versatility and improve your chance of making the sale. It could literally be as simple as furnishing a vacant bedroom or turning an empty nook into an office or decorative space that buyers will embrace.

5.    Clean up the yard

One of the best tips for selling your home for a great price is to get it thoroughly cleaned – inside and out. Home staging is almost incomplete without a thorough clean that portrays the best benefits of your property. Imagine if you walked into a home with grubby floors and dirty carpets. You’d probably be flying right out of the door!

Cleaning should include the floors, carpets, walls, surfaces, sinks, ovens, dishwashers, windows, and doors. But don’t forget your exteriors – cleaning your patios, power washing hardscapes and de-cluttering gardens will make it easier to present a spotless property – inside and out. We couldn’t stress this more since people tend to drive past a property before an inspection and if it doesn’t look the part, they will skip it.

In Conclusion

Giving your property the ‘dress to impress’ finish can make a huge impact. These tips for selling your house may not perform instant miracles but they dramatically increase your chance of a quicker, more successful sale. Find some of the best professional home staging companies in your state here.