As property stylists we are often asked whether property styling really makes a difference. The ingredients for a successful sales campaign are multiple engaged buyers and a good real estate agent. So, what part does property styling play?


Supports the seller to prepare the home for sale

The selling process can feel overwhelming. Sellers are often unsure where to start when preparing their home for sale. A property stylist can provide advice on paint colours and small changes or maintenance tasks that can be undertaken, providing a significant return on investment. Stylists are well-connected with various tradies such as handymen, painters, gardeners, house washers, window cleaners, carpet cleaners and cleaners who can assist with home preparation, They can prioritise tasks based on return-on-investment to maximise a limited budget. A prioritised to-do list gives the seller direction, removing some of the stress of preparing a property for sale. Once a property has been prepared, it is ready for styling.

Establishes an emotional connection with potential buyers

Are you emotionally engaged when entering an empty room? Empty rooms are uninspiring, and therefore vacant properties typically sell for less. Property stylists use furniture and soft furnishings to create a space that is engaging and allows the buyer to visualise themselves living in the home. A well-furnished room detracts attention away from flaws that are emphasised in vacant properties.

Makes the floorplan come to life

Are you able to visualise how a vacant room could be furnished?  80% of people cannot visualise the size of rooms and create a realistic mental picture of what a room could look like. By furnishing a property, buyers can visualise how to use a space and determine what furniture would fit. Creating multiple spaces in an open plan area is also crucial to assist buyers in remembering the space as multiple rooms instead of as a single room.

Creates inspiring photography

Do you form lasting memories when viewing photos of a vacant property online? ReaI-estate images of vacant rooms are all remarkably similar. To ensure your property stands out, inspiring photos are critical. A well-presented property photographs well. Good photographs encourage buyers to remember specific properties and add a property to their shortlist. Buyers may also shortlist properties that they felt were not perfect but were well presented.

Increases competition

The more interest in a property, the better the chances of a good sale. Lack of competition leads buyers to believe that they can get a bargain.  Buyer traffic impacts the duration on the market and the selling price. Styled properties are viewed by more parties than un-styled properties. Curious viewers may account for some, but not all of the increased traffic. A crowd creates a sense of urgency and encourages potential buyers to make an offer earlier and creates a sense of competition that drives the price up.

Buyers want to be proud of the property they are purchasing. Property styling engages the buyer’s imagination and emotions by selling a lifestyle. Styling highlights the features of a home and down-plays its flaws. It also improves competition by increasing the number of buyers viewing the property, thereby creating the perfect environment for the real estate agent to negotiate a successful sale.

Author: Laurentia Cox – Homes on Trend. @homesontrend