If you thought Property Styling or Home Staging was just a matter of arranging some furniture in a room, think again. Staging is interior design, psychology, and marketing – all rolled into one. Home stagers know the secret strategies to market a home, by making it more appealing and help sellers net the greatest profit on their real estate investment, whether those sellers are homeowners, builders, or investors.

5 Reasons to Hire a Property Stylist

  1. They can help you highlight the homes key points. By highlighting the home features and creating a WOW factor in each room. Making the buyer linger longer as they are taking in the appeal of the home.
  2. They can help you distract from any perceived negatives. Let’s face it. Every home has some feature that is less than optimal. They can help you draw the eye away from it with something more appealing.
  3. They can advise you on a new paint colour. Buyers love light and bright. Even if they are downsizing, they want the place to feel spacious. Using a single colour will create a flow that expands the perceived size.
  4. They can advice you on how to declutter. We all have a lot of things that we live with on a daily basis. It could be gym equipment or a library full of books. Buyers want to see rooms that they can move around more easily. So, this is when we may move some items into storage, just for the time being. Well, you are selling the house. So now is the time to pack.
  5. They know your demographic, and target market. Knowing who lives in your area is important, and those wanting to move into your area. If it’s near the beach, maybe have some beachy art and maybe a surfboard casually leaning on the wall.

Do you need help preparing your home for sale? Contact your nearest Stylist today.

Article by  May-Ann Sorvali – Abode Property Styling – Perth, WA