Real Estate is one of Australians hot topics around the kitchen table and many of our favourite television shows have a Real Estate/Renovation theme. The past 10 years the Real Estate market has risen to great heights and with the popularity of many TV shows has seen more and more homeowners chose to dress their homes for sale.

I have been working in Real Estate for 11 years and I still remember about 10 years ago our office Ray White Ferntree Gully sold a home in Rowville for $50,000 more than the same age, floorplan built home. Why did our home get more money? Was it luck or was the hired furniture?

There is no doubt there is luck in Real Estate however you can make your own luck and one thing homeowners can do is hire furniture. If your home is vacant it makes it feel like a home instead of a vacant place. If your bedrooms are not set up as a bedroom it can help the buyer see it as a bedroom and not a study or storage room.

Hired furniture companies not only dress the home, they supply, prints, pillows, outdoor entertaining areas. It helps you declutter your home for things you don’t need for the next home and makes your home feel amazing to many buyers.

For the amount of money you spend on hired furniture and it can put many $10,000’s back in your pocket. Hiring furniture helps create competition by making more buyers look at your home and therefore this, in turn, give you a much higher selling price.

When you are selling your home you are competing for the same buyers as other similar homes in your area and surrounding home. If you can get those buyers to prefer your home over the others this will, in turn, give you a higher price than the other homes selling in the area.

When selling a home if you spend a $1 on either renovating, decluttering, gardening or hiring furniture you want to feel like this is money well spent and you will get $2 or $3 back. The good thing about hiring furniture is sometimes some of your own furniture can stay as your own furniture may complement the hired furniture. This saves you some money and makes your home feel completely different.

When I sell my own home I think about who will buy my home what would they like. I usually do minor renovations, hire furniture and make my home smell as nice as possible eg candles. Doing these 3 things I have found I have always got a premium price.

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