Interior Design Bowral are Interior Designers who specialise in Property Styling and are also Licensed Real Estate Agents who sell properties. Home staging is a vital component in the process of selling any home as it helps to attract more buyers on open home inspection days.

Home staging is a great investment as it allows the property to exhibit it’s most positive attributes which appeal to a wider buyer audience. This will engage more buyers to attend open home days, make enquiries and create an emotional connection with the property. I have seen it time and time again where buyers will make offers on properties in advance and for more than the asking price when a property presents beautifully for sale.

Interior Design Bowral Home Staging and Real Estate Sales say it is absolutely WORTH the investment as vendors see a greater return and a faster sale for all properties staged and styled by our professional team. Buyers want to see it right in front of them and envisage the space, and staging allows the buyers to see the full potential of the floor plan. For such a small percentage of the total asking price it is the greatest value for money in the marketing plan if the owner and agent want to attract as many buyers as possible and retain the asking price. Real Estate data proves that homes are sold faster and for a greater price if professionally staged.

Home staging really does help sell a home as it takes an ordinary property and turns it into an extraordinary space that buyers can envisage living in. A home that is expertly staged prevents buyers reduced buyer offers as they can see lots of buyers adorning the property on open home days. Real Estate Agents love to sell beautifully staged homes as it attracts more buyers who are willing to pay more for the right property. Most buyers will purchase a property based on a specific set of criteria and a home that showcases great spacial planning, functionality and styling will allow the property to present it’s best therefore attracting more buyers who are prepared to pay the asking price.

Tanya from Interior Design Bowral believes that Staged Homes sell better for the owner of the property as with the added value, the asking price can be justified in the buyer’s mind. All Data proves that properties staged sell faster, and for more money. Buyers are more anxious about missing out on an expertly staged home as they know it will sell fast. Staging creates buyer urgency and more offers are submitted to an agent if the home presents expertly staged – staging sells homes.

Kind regards
Tanya Nicholas Interior Design Bowral