If you’re in the process of selling your home or thinking you might like to in the coming months (or even years), then you might have seen or heard talk of property styling. Maybe your local real estate agent recommended you look into it.

Which may have got you asking, “what are the benefits of property styling?”, “is it really worth my time and money?”, “does it actually make a difference to the success of my sale campaign?”

Property Styling Directory in AustraliaSo, we’re here to help answer all those questions, and let you know why we, real estate agents and past sellers all agree, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment!

We all know the age old saying “first impressions count” and when it comes to selling your property, the saying rings very true. It’s all about creating that initial wow factor and drawing in potential buyers.

This is where we, and property styling, come in.

Property styling has shown time and again to create the outcome of a more successful sale. It helps a property to stand out from the rest with both online and in-person viewings, therefore helping to create more buzz, resulting in a faster and better end result. We’ve personally seen this, with over 94% of our staged properties selling within the 6-week hire package, which is incredible!

Use a Professional Property Stylist

Property Styling Directory in AustraliaA professional Property Styling service such as ours aims to present a property in its best possible light. Modernising it, giving it a little TLC, and freshening it up!
For example, with every property we stage, we carefully select each individual piece that goes into the home. Everything from the furniture through to the accessories is considered, to ensure a cohesive and neat look that also compliments the style of the home and its location.

By investing in a service such as this, it helps a buyer visualise themselves living in the space more easily and assists in highlighting any key architectural features and layouts.

So, all in all, agents and past sellers agree, there are many benefits to property styling and yes, it is a worthwhile investment of your time and money and yes it does make a difference to the end result of your campaign!

Property Styling Directory at All Home Staging DirectoryFurthermore, with a skilled stylist, a dedicated warehouse full of stock, a truck and a moving team we have everything you need to help the process go smoothly and comfortably. We’re here to do all the heavy lifting for you, literally!

Though now you might be thinking, “how does it all work, what’s the process we’d be going through?” It’s simple! We’re here to work with you, and ensure we provide the best styling we can, within a price that suits you. It’s just a few easy steps, here’s what to expect…


Process to Choosing a Property Stylist

Step 1 – is you reaching out to our team and letting us know what you’re after. Giving us details such as the size of your property, how many rooms you’d like to style, the property’s location and when you’re looking at going on the market.

Step 2 – we provide you with an initial ‘standard’ quote with the information you’ve listed, to give you a guide to the overall price and items your potential styling package would cover.

Step 3 – upon having received and reviewed the 1st quote, and deciding you’d like to go ahead with the staging service, one of our skilled stylists will visit your property to take measurements and photos, discuss any additional options or recommendations and go over a potential layout with you.

Step 4 – is when we send you an updated quote based on the findings and discussions from the property visit, with the invoice attached and negotiating a date for the installation! (This step will continue back and forth with any updates and changes needed until you feel comfortable with the price and items listed).

Step 5 – is now solely up to the stylist. This is when the selections will be made and, once payment is received, the property will be staged at the agreed-upon date.

Article by Tailored Space Interiors info@tailoredspace.com.au