If you plan to sell your home or any other residential properties that you own, you must be already thinking about staging it. Home staging has become an increasingly common practice for residential property sellers as it helps them sell the properties faster.

Moreover, home staging gives the seller the possibility of getting a much higher price than they would ordinarily get.

One of the biggest dilemmas you might have about home staging is whether you should use new appliances or not. Here is an insight into the pros and cons of using new appliances to stage your home for a sale to help you make your decision.

Home Staging in Brisbane, AustraliaThe pros of using a Home Stager

You will give your property unbeatable elegance

Like all new things, new appliances have a new unique elegance that is hard to achieve with slightly used appliances. If you stage your house with the new appliances, you will be giving it an unbeatable elegance that will quickly impress any potential buyer coming in for viewing.

Ben from Quality Appliance Repair Melbourne explains: “ Quality appliances can make a world of difference to a homeowner. If a homeowner can picture their life being easier in a potential new home, this includes the appliances that are in it. They are more likely to consider the new purchase.”

You might be considering selling the residential property furnished

If you are considering selling the residential property furnished to get a better price, it might be a good idea to stage it using new appliances. Some potential buyers might come for viewing and like how the house is staged and want to buy it fully furnished. Additionally, some might be happy to avoid the hustle of furnishing the house after purchasing it. In both cases, you will be better off if all the appliances throughout the house are new.

A comment from Aus Garage Repair in Melbourne “ The looks of the inside of your property needs to flow with your landscaping as well. Ensure your colours match up. Don’t be afraid to ask your home stager if anything else is needed outside as well.

Some used appliances can misbehave

You are after selling your property for the highest price possible, and the buyer is looking to purchase it at the lowest price possible. If you go for used appliances, some might likely have issues. Sometimes the unimaginable happens, and these issues might manifest, and the appliance misbehaves as the potential buyer is inspecting the property. This might be the used appliance not turning on or working as expected, and it might give them an excellent reason to bargain. New appliances rarely have any issues.

should you use appliances to stage you homeAvailability of a manufacturer’s warranty

In case the new appliance you have staged on your house has issues, neither you nor your client will have any issue as the manufactures warranty will cover it. The availability of the manufacturer’s warranty for fitted appliances will also give a potential buyer more confidence in purchasing the property.

The cons of using a Property Stylist

A high staging cost

The only way to stage a residential property with new appliances is by purchasing them. This means a high initial staging cost, which might be a burden if you are not in a financially sound position.

If the property does not sell quickly, the warranty on the appliances might expire

Most new appliances have a warranty ranging from 1 to 3 years. Therefore, if you have staged your house with new appliances and it takes longer to sell. Some of their manufacturer’s warranty might expire, and this can affect the property’s selling price.

Some buyers might not be interested in a fully furnished house, and if you have new appliances, you will lose money. This is because you will have to sell them as used appliances.

As it’s clear now, whether you stage your home with new appliances or not largely depends on what you want to achieve.

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