Who Needs Home Staging?

Property Styling

Who Needs Home Staging?

Home staging is one of the best and most lucrative ways to market your property for a sale. Not only will you dress it up beautifully, but you will also likely end up thousands of dollars richer from the sale.

But who needs home staging? Absolutely everyone planning to sell a home will stand to benefit from this creative home-selling concept.

Debunking the notion that home staging is only for luxe homes and is too expensive for regular people to afford, the idea can be extended to every single property on the market – even the low to mid-market ones. And not staging your home to its best potential can actually end up costing you.

Elevating Home Selling To The Next Level

From preparing and styling lived-in properties to introducing design and furniture to empty homes, home staging covers it all. Real estate marketing has evolved tremendously over the years. Minimally investing in advertising and waiting for your agent to weave his magic wand will no longer be enough.

In a market with oversupply of housing, properties sometimes sit on the market for too long. Streams of potential buyers walk in and out without making an offer, and you’re going to lose your edge. When you finally get an offer, it may be lower than you anticipated but you may not have a choice.

Home staging is targeted at buyers to help them paint a picture of their future life in the property. A home stager chooses every item carefully to get into the mindset of the buyer and convince him or her to make the purchase.

Beautiful Presentation: In Person And Online

It’s no secret that buyers today scope out the property online before they even visit it, which is why your home needs to be presented in the best light on every platform.

Styled homes not only add more appeal during in-person inspections, but they also look better in photographs, which is a real bonus when you consider how competitive the market has actually become.

First impressions start from the time viewers check your property online, so failing to style it well for photographs will cause you to lose out before buyers even decide to inspect your property. You’ll want your home to shine on camera to attract more walk-ins to a property viewing.

Some sellers also assume that vacant homes will do the trick because the space looks bigger. In reality, this couldn’t be more wrong. A buyer will not be able to picture a life in a vacant home, and will almost always give it a pass.

Furniture, accessories, décor and other items can transform a space almost instantly with styles, colours and themes. This helps to shape the buyer’s perception of the property and bonds with them on a personal level, which could impact the time the property is on the market and its price. It makes them fall in love with your home!

In a nutshell, the concept is used to evoke emotions, tell a story and drive demand for the property by presenting its best characteristics and masking its imperfections.

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