Turns out, your flooring is very important in determining the effectiveness of your property staging efforts. This article will look at why your flooring is such an important feature to nail in styling to make sure that you get the best return on your investment into property styling.

Your flooring is one of the features that your prospective buyers will notice first. Perhaps the largest surface area of your home, your flooring needs to be in good shape to get the best return on your investment into styling your property.

If you are in the planning stages of selling your home and have the time and budget to improve your property before it goes on the market, consider investing in your flooring.

Have you got carpet or synthetic vinyl covering stunning hardwood floors?

Many older homes have hardwood flooring, this is because when these homes were constructed, the price of hardwood flooring was significantly cheaper than what it is today. Hardwood is a durable, valuable material for flooring and was commonly a feature in homes of previous decades. However, a lot of homes have this asset covered with carpet and vinyl, the trends have come and gone, and today, more than ever, hardwood floors are a big asset when valuing a home.

Restoring your timber flooring can be something that you do yourself, you can hire equipment and watch tutorials online on how to do this yourself, just be prepared to spend time cleaning up afterward, because it is a messy job. Alternatively, you can hire a floor sanding and polishing company near you, they will do the work and clean up after themselves, usually at a fairly affordable price with a better finish than if you DIY.

property styling with hardwood flooringHow polished hardwood floors can increase the effectiveness of property styling efforts

3. The emotional pull of stunning polished flooring

Help your prospective buyers imagine themselves in your home, add tasteful rugs to show off your hardwood floors. Especially in open plan living arrangements, with plenty of windows, polished floorboards will add a warm, inviting sense to your home, further encouraging the buyers to form an emotional connection with your home, which ultimately is a big factor in how much they will be willing to pay to purchase your home.

2.  Makes everything look fresh and clean

Clean, polished floorboards will illuminate a home, light reflects off the mirror finish and gives the appearance of a lighter, brighter, and bigger space. Carpets look great when they are first installed, however, most people are familiar with how carpets quickly lose their appeal and become harder and harder to keep in pristine condition. This is especially true for families with kids or pets.

3. Perceived and true value of hardwood floors

It is no secret that hardwood floors are seen as an asset. The prospective buyer can decide to cover the flooring with carpet if they see fit, or they can showcase this asset of the home. Either way, having a solid, durable base for flooring is undeniably a value-adding feature to a home. Real estate agents will often showcase polished flooring as a feature in the home to boast about in the property listing, this demonstrates that industry professionals know the value of this asset and will use it to describe the best features of a home.

4. Appeal to the majority – who doesn’t love a polished hardwood floor?

When staging a home, to get your best return on investment, it is important to style the property to appeal to most tastes; and who doesn’t like polished flooring? As mentioned above, polished flooring can easily be covered if it is not the tastes of the buyer, but by showcasing the hardwood flooring, you are appealing to the majority of prospective buyers.

5. Polished floors look incredible in photos

An undeniable reason to polish those timber floorboards in your home is that shiny, restored hardwood floors look stunning in photos. Light will reflect off the polish, making the room look bigger and more luxurious. Photographers will often showcase the flooring in their photos, using furniture, artwork, and rugs to compliment this feature.

The trick with successful property styling is to add perceived value in the eye of the prospective buyer. By sanding and polishing your hardwood floors, you will be able to showcase this valuable feature of your home as one of its very appealing assets, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your investment in property styling.

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