How to Make Your Home Ready For Sale?

Have you ever heard that saying “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?” When it comes time to sell your home, you should walk every inch of it in the shoes of a potential buyer, from the front door to the back fence.

When you start thinking about selling your home, you should begin thinking like a buyer, and then invest in the services of a property stylist to meet their needs and create a home that offers the ‘move-in ready’ convenience they are looking for. Your real estate agent will concur that a home for sale that has home staging will make a big difference to how fast and for how much you will sell your home for. Here are some top property styling tips to do just that – styling a house for sale!

Declutter Ruthlessly

Cupboards fill up, extra furniture is squeezed into rooms, and shelves overflow with miscellaneous items. Allow prospective buyers to really see your entire property, not just your belongings. Every cupboard and closet in your home should display all the available storage space. Rooms should scream “possibilities” rather than “I can’t fit anything else in here.”

Hiring out a portable storage container that can be transported to your home is a good option. Fill it with stuff you don’t need right now and have it transported when the time comes to your new dream house. You’ll be making way for someone else’s dreams in the interim.

While you are decluttering, you should also make note of anything (and everything) that needs repairing or has become so worn or faded it needs to be replaced and make plans to do so. Buyers won’t consider your home move-in ready if they think they’ll have to spend weeks fixing it up before they can truly start enjoying their new space.

Think Neutral

When staging a house to sell, it’s crucial that you think neutral. It’s difficult for potential homebuyers to picture themselves living in a home that has your name all over it. Neutrals can be used to replace loud or bold-coloured walls, specialty wallpaper, or mural trim.¬†Simple beige wall paint with white or off-white trim can help potential buyers feel like they’re looking at a blank canvas. You want potential buyers to be able to envision adding their own unique touches, not be put off by yours.

Upgrade the Lighting

Natural lighting not only helps your home appear more welcoming, but it also expands it. This is why you should keep your windows clean and all the curtains open; more significantly, you should trim any plants or trees that may block sunlight.

Furthermore, the light fixtures you choose can have an impact on the appearance of your home. Using warm white lights, for example, creates a cozy atmosphere in your home. Layered lighting can also be used to create a different ambiance, particularly in the living room and bedroom.

Add fresh flowers to style your home, they add a nice touch and can bring a lovely fragrance too. They can look good in the bathroom and ensuite too. A bunch of flowers will not increase the sale price but help to add a lovely homely feeling.

Australian Property Stylist Directory

If you would like to get a Property Stylist to chat with you about how they can style a house for sale, then take a look at the comprehensive Directory of the Stylists nearest you.

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