Why do you think Sydney model homes sell so fast? It’s because they’re staged. Sellers get the money they spend back, and they sell quicker. You can, many experts say, get the same fast sale – and possibly even higher than asking selling price – by staging your Sydney home for sale. But if you investigate property styling costs Sydney, you might be a little shocked at first. But as you’ll discover here, that ‘sticker shock’ will wear off when you understand just what home staging and property styling can do.

Home Staging in Ringwood, AustraliaUnderstanding What Property Styling Offers By the Numbers

The statistics show that staging your property increases your chances of a speedy, high-offer sale. According to the National Association of Realtors’ Profile of Home Staging in the United States, 58 percent of sellers’ agents said staging raised sales prices by 1% to 20%. In the same survey, it was shown that 90% of properties that were staged before spent less time on the market versus homes that were not staged.

In the UK, the story is similar. In a poll of 330 property professionals conducted by the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland in 2020, the following findings were revealed:

86 percent of those polled felt that staging a home can help it sell three times faster.
According to 71% of respondents, staging a home increased the number of people who came to see it.

With all of those numbers in its favor, hiring a pro seems like a good idea—until you look at the price tag. You may get that sticker shock we mentioned if you do a fast search on Sydney home staging prices.

Some sources put the property styling cost Sydney anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 for only two to three rooms. This could increase, they say, to up to $5,000 for a three bedroom home.

Don’t let all those zeros frighten you away from home staging; with enough strategic preparation, it can be fairly reasonable. You should first understand what professional stagers do in order to assess the level of staging your house requires.

Home Staging in Brisbane, AustraliaWhat Exactly is a Property Stylist, and Why Should I Hire One?

Stagers don’t merely put a couple vases of fresh flowers and call it a day. There’s a lot more to home staging than merely straightening up as though guests are arriving.

Professional stagers, in essence, combine interior design talents with real estate marketing methods to turn homes into showcases that appeal to the broadest range of buyers.

Simply go window shopping at a mall or shopping centre to see why your house’s “appearance” is so important to a successful home sale. Store owners are well aware that their eye-catching window displays encourage clients to spend a lot more money more often.

Your internet photographs are your display in real estate. And, thanks to digital media, it’s more crucial than ever to have your home professionally styled in images and in person. Those home shows you see on TV add even more pressure, as buyers increasingly expect that the homes they view will look just like the ones they see on TV.

Home Staging in Ringwood, AustraliaHome Staging Benefits You Need to Know

There are big benefits to be gained from working with a professional home stager. it’s not just trendy, a bit of hype, or your real estate agent’s attempt to upsell you:

A Home Stager Ensures Your Property is Ready For Its Close Up

The vast majority of home buyers now start their search online, browsing through Internet listings to get a “feel” for the properties available in their desired price range and neighborhood, as well as to ‘rule out’ properties that, based on first impressions, they don’t think are worth their time to see in person.

This means that your home must be well-represented in order to stand out among the many other listings that would-be buyers will be browsing. When a property is professionally staged by a home staging specialist, the end result is usually magazine cover ready, which means it will photograph and video well.

Home Staging Increases the Perceived Value of Your Home

The average Sydney home for sale has two different values. The first is the actual financial number that a house seller sets as an asking price, usually with the assistance of their agent. This statistic is usually calculated using reliable data such as comparable sales.

Perceived value, on the other hand, is a significantly more subjective value. This is the estimated value of a residence by a potential buyer. When a property is expertly staged, its perceived worth rises dramatically.

A staged home is more aesthetically beautiful and gives off a more ‘luxurious’ aura than one that isn’t, which often leads to potential buyers thinking it’s worth more than a comparable property that isn’t. It also gives the appearance that it has been better kept in general, which will increase its perceived value in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Home staging directory AustraliaHome Stagers Help Buyers See Themselves ‘There’

Every home buyer does one thing while looking at different homes for sale: they try to visualize themselves living in the home. Because house staging offers a neutral appearance that is free of distracting personalizations or the current owners’ aesthetic tastes, it is much easier for them to do so, and once they can, if they like what they see, they are far more likely to consider making an offer.

Every real estate agent has two ultimate aims for any property they represent: to sell it quickly and for the best possible price, so anything that can assist them in accomplishing those goals can only be beneficial to both them and their clients. And, according to agents polled, a staged home sells faster than one that isn’t, which is one of the main reasons why so many of them advise their clients to consider home staging.

Home Staging Decreases Seller Stress

Every home that goes on the market for sale must be staged in some way. Cleaning and decluttering are a must, and rearranging furniture is nearly always required. When a seller hires a professional home stager, they get expert advice as well as numerous extra pairs of hands. Because selling a house is inherently stressful, this will all help to reduce stress levels to a minimum.

Australian Property Stylist Directory

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