Although painting the walls, getting rid of personal clutter, and swapping outdated or superfluous furniture are all vital, staging your home – or, if you prefer, dressing your home – before selling is about more than that.

Dressing a home Australia also creates a sense of home that a buyer can connect too.

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Cold, empty spaces just do not do that. As much as home staging is done to create a neutral atmosphere, but one that also feels welcoming, using natural materials in your staging, especially fresh flowers, and greenery, is one of the best methods to appeal to all types of buyers.

Plants and fresh flowers contribute subtle splashes of color and delightful natural scents into a space, producing a sense of warmth throughout the house. And while these may seem like very small details when compared to painting the walls, cleaning the floors, and ensuring that the furniture in the home is properly proportioned and well-laid out, making proper use of fresh flowers in home styling can make a huge difference.

The Importance of Home Staging Ambiance

Setting the perfect mood and ambiance is one of the last components of most home staging jobs, especially unoccupied home staging projects. This means creating a visual tone throughout the house that enables buyers to feel a visceral connection to it and leaves them with a lasting impression even after the tour is complete.

Keep in mind that buyers are searching for a property that fits both their psychological and physical requirements. You are not simply selling bricks and mortar; you are selling a way of living, a new life, and a fresh start.

Emotions play a significant role in deciding whether or not to purchase a particular home over another. When it comes to establishing an atmosphere, the idea is to stage rooms in such a way that they evoke the desired emotions. You want those sensations to align with your potential buyer’s objectives.

Dried in a Bowl Flower Arrangement, Red Earth Flowers Kilsyth 1Buyers are looking for a place where they can relax and unwind, away from the stress and bustle of their daily lives. They want a home in which they can show their family and friends that they are proud, and they are looking for surroundings in which they will be glad to spend a lot of time in. Expert home staging is designed to help prospective buyers feel that way about your home, and even small decorative touches like adding fresh flowers can be very effective.

Create a Great First Impression by Staging Your Entry with Fresh Flowers and Greenery

Dried in a Bowl Flower Arrangement, Red Earth Flowers Kilsyth 1Making a good first impression on buyers, which is a must, requires staging the front entryway and the outdoor space surrounding it. The front entry and front door are the first things a potential home buyer notices when they come to see the house. If the outside is absolutely bare, even if the entry is in good repair and the door is freshly painted, it will appear closed off and even forbidding.

To send a welcoming message, hang a fresh wreath on the front door that corresponds to the season – pine in the winter, peony-accented wreath in the spring, wildflowers in the summer. When using plants outside, keep in mind your available area. A hanging basket may be ideal for modest entrances, but for larger spaces, twin topiaries, or a potted plant on top of a wrought-iron pedestal can be wonderful!

Meanwhile, if your home has a hallway going directly to the front door, a sleek console table with fresh-cut flowers will brighten up and add visual interest to a location that many sellers overlook.

Florist near me Kilsyth-Red-Earth-FlowersWoo Prospective Buyers with Flowers Throughout the House

Fresh flowers and well-tended plants can bring much-needed color to rooms that are predominantly neutral. While home stagers encourage the use of neutrals, to help ensure that a staged home appeals to as many prospective buyers’ tastes as possible, they do not advise styling a home so that it appears sparse or vacant, and so the addition of lively, living blooms can make a big difference.

While you should not go overboard, with plants and flowers on every surface, flowers can elevate any space in the house.

Larger floral displays stand out on coffee tables, dining tables, breakfast nooks, and even the tops of bedroom drawers. For an eye-catching centerpiece, fill a larger wood container with fragrant blooms, such as lilacs, dahlias, and other big, showy blossoms.

Cottage Garden Arrangement Extra LargeBud vases with a few fresh-cut, slender flowers look beautiful on end tables in living rooms and nightstands in bedrooms. Remember to include stylish succulents in the bathrooms, such as dracaena or bamboo, or a delicate orchid to create a spa-like atmosphere that will appeal to most buyers.

Some people prefer to use silk flowers and plants while staging a home to avoid the cost of replenishing them often or taking care of actual, live plants. While this is a valid concern, it is usually preferable to have real, living plants and greenery. It will provide life and warmth to your home. Florist near me Kilsyth-Red-Earth-Flowers

Making use of artificial flowers may turn off some buyers by giving them the impression that the property itself is artificial, and even that sellers are hid

ing something, which contradicts the purpose of home staging, which is to create a welcoming, appealing atmosphere that feels like home to potential buyers. Using fresh flowers to spruce up the property follows the same logic.

Caring for Flowers Used in Home Staging

The chlorine in tap water causes cut flowers to wilt. To keep your cut flowers fresher for longer, use filtered water (or chilled day-old water from your kettle or rainwater) instead of tap water.

When you have flowers, avoid using air conditioning since it speeds the aging process by dehydrating the blossoms, and no one wants droopy flowers after just a few days.

To extend the life of your flowers, start with a clean container, discard any dead leaves from the water, and change the water often or anytime it becomes cloudy.

Invest in some flower food to extend the life of your fresh flowers and reduce the frequency with which you must replace your water. Do check that your flower choice benefits from flower food; otherwise, it could have a negative impact and even hasten the aging process. Dahlias, bird of paradise, anthurium, and sunflowers, for example, can all be fed flower food, and all make excellent choices for home staging too!

Australian Property Stylist Directory

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