Your choice in kitchen lighting will make or break your property styling efforts

The impact of your choice in lighting.  home for sale

Lighting can be your best friend when it comes to getting the best return on your investment in property styling. Whether your real estate photographer will photograph your home in the daytime or at dusk, lighting will play an integral part in the outcome of your property staging efforts.

Lighting is a powerful tool to show off the best parts of your home and ultimately get the best outcome for your property valuation when choosing a real estate agent to sell your home.

The right lighting can make your space appear larger, brighter, more modern and can be used to showcase the best assets of your home and the home staging to potential buyers. On the other hand, poor lighting choices will detract from your home and make it appear smaller, older, and outdated.

Another way to maximise the light in a home beyond lighting choices is to swap solid timber doors for doors with windows which will allow more natural light into your home. If you are significantly renovating your home or will be building an extension to your home, incorporating plenty of windows into your design will give your home a bright and large feeling.

To make your room appear brighter and bigger is to choose lighter colours and shades for your interior paint. By opting for a shade of white, especially for your ceiling paint, you will give the illusion that your room is bigger than it is. Not only will your space appear larger, but your ceiling will also appear taller and your home brighter. Consider adding a feature wall if you really want to have a bold colour for your interior paint, rather than painting the entire room the bold colour.

It is important to note that electrical safety is a priority therefore always hire an electrician to undertake any lighting alterations before staging a home.

To sell your home the most important area to invest in good lighting

Your kitchen lighting

The kitchen is perhaps the most important place in the home to nail your lighting choices. This space may be the most used space in the home, from early mornings to late nights, the kitchen needs to be illuminated effectively to ensure it is a safe, functional and an enjoyed space for all.

A popular lighting choice for kitchens is a strip of LED lights, this is a versatile option as you can alter the direction of each light to illuminate the areas in your kitchen that are darkest or that require the most light. The last thing you want is to be preparing your food with your shadow in the way!

Consider that a lot of modern homes have open plan living layouts that require lighting to accommodate for cooking, dining, and entertainment areas. This will mean that for the lighting to be appropriate for the range of uses in this room, you may want to install multiple types of lighting.

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LED lighting

For example, if you have a strip of LED lights predominantly lighting your kitchen, you could also have pendant lights over your dining room table, which are warmer and less bright to give a better dining ambiance than bright LED lights. The trick is to have a cohesive selection of lighting throughout your open plan living space, whether in shape, positioning or size, lighting can be a creative way to accentuate the best parts of each space.

Another benefit is by choosing LED lighting, you will also be saving yourself and the planet’s resources for many years to come. They are the energy-efficient way to effectively light up the best assets of your home to potential buyers.

Property styling efforts are aimed at helping your target buyer be able to picture themselves in your property. The kitchen is an important part of forming an emotional connection to a place, therefore you want to showcase your kitchen as an inviting, beautiful space that the potential buyer will emotionally connect with.

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Effective, inviting, and space-appropriate lighting in a kitchen will tie together any home staging efforts that you undertake with a professional stager. The goal is to get the best outcome for your investment into your home and property styling, and by illuminating your home’s best asset, potential buyers will be lining up to submit their best offer for your home!

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