Anyone who puts their Brisbane home on the market for sale has two major goals in mind: get it sold fast and get it sold for the best possible price. They’ll often hear from their real estate agent that staging their home will help achieve both of those things. But professional home staging isn’t free. So what is it about home staging and styling that makes the property styling cost Brisbane a worthwhile investment?

There are a number of reasons that Brisbane home staging, in the right hands, can be worth every penny, and even offer a better return on your investment than you ever imagined. Here we are going to take a closer look at the issue.

Top Snap Photography South East Homestaging DirectoryWhat is an Average Property Styling Cost in Brisbane?

Here’s some good news right off the bat. The average property styling cost for Brisbane homes is lower than it is in larger cities. Typical home staging costs range from $1,700 for a two-bedroom home to $4,000 for a bigger property.

For people who don’t want – or need – their whole home staged, there are other solutions that are less expensive and can be completed in a matter of hours. If you only need one or two rooms styled, or a single living room or kitchen, you can anticipate paying between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on the size of the area and the materials and designs utilized.

However, if you are selling a home you are planning on leaving it, so why would you want to invest what is a considerable amount into a place you are hoping to be selling in the near future?

Why a Property Stylist Is Worth Their Fee

You can’t watch a homebuying or “fixer upper” show without seeing professional house staging. It’s unquestionable that experts make the locations they’re selling appear incredible– and hiring a professional stager for a television show makes perfect sense. But what about the average homeowner? Should they pay to have their house staged before selling it?

Those shows are one of the biggest reasons that home staging has become so popular in recent years. Those are the kinds of homes homebuyers expect to see. Or at least they expect a very clean, very orderly, spacious and well-designed space to greet them as they walk through the front door. And according to a number of surveys and statistics, would be home buyers make up their mind about a home in under five minutes, so the work of a good Brisbane property stylist can be crucial to sealing a deal. Which pretty much makes them worth every penny.

What Does Home Staging Really Involve?Top Snap Photography South East Homestaging

As mentioned earlier, there’s no such thing as a one size fits all description of the home staging and property styling services you might need. Some homes are already in good shape and just need a few extra touches and a little design focused reorganization to get them into the best possible shape for a quick sale.

Other homes need a lot of help, and the property stylists job may extend to big decluttering projects, the removal of dated, worn furniture and replacement with attractive rented pieces, overseeing painting and repair projects and more.

Who Decides How Much Property Styling Your Home Needs?

No doubt that, even if you have accepted that your home will need some help in appealing to those Instagram influenced home buyers, you don’t want to pay for property styling services you don’t need. But who decides just how much help your home will need, and how do they do that?

The best person to decide – or at least advise – on how much home staging ‘work’ a home needs is a professional home stager. Most home stagers and property stylists offer an initial consultation session to do this, and once that has been completed will work with you to devise just the right home staging plan for your unique property.

During this initial walk and talk session, a professional Brisbane home stager will come to your home and walk through it using a ‘buyer’s eyes’. Very few homeowners can do this, as the simple fact is that when you live in a home every day there’s a lot you miss, simply because you are so used to everything. In addition, good property stylists have extensive interior design training and understand what looks most appealing to the majority of home buyers right now.

This overlooking of what your home might look like to others is fine while you are living there, but as any real estate agent can tell you when they are shopping for a new place, savvy home buyers develop an almost superhuman vision. That dingy paintwork in the bathroom? You stopped noticing it a long time ago, but they’ll spot it in an instant. And that comfy couch that you love but is a decade old?

Many buyers will notice fast how dated it is, and some may even assume that applies to the rest of the home, even without seeing it, and mentally cross your property off their list right away. And they ill, whether it’s realistic or not, be keeping all those TV homes somewhere in their mind and comparing yours to them.

Home stagers are trained to see everything with those rather picky buyers’ eyes. Once they’ve walked through your home, they’ll have a very good idea very quickly about how much property styling work needs to be done in order to get the place ready for its debut on the market and all those real estate photographs that are so crucial to selling a home these days. More than 90% of people begin their home shopping mission online, so it’s as important that your home looks fabulous in photos as it is that it looks great in real life.

Australian Property Stylist Directory

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