What can I do to prepare my home for Property Styling?

Property styling is one of the most efficient ways to display your property from its best side to potential buyers! Data shows that homes that are staged are sold faster and most often result in a better financial outcome. A staged home is more inviting and helps potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your house and convey a certain lifestyle that your property can offer!

Before you start styling property yourself or by professional home staging companies there are a few things that you can do to prepare your home, which will save time and money when preparing your property for sale. Most of the time you can change and refresh quite a lot yourself and achieve a big effect! Here are the top tips I give my customers to prepare their homes for property styling.

Declutter your Home!

This is one of the most important tasks for successful home staging. Have you ever visited a stranger’s home, and you did not dare to touch anything and had the feeling you are intruding? Well, this is how potential buyers feel if they come into a well-lived place full of family pictures and personal memories.

They feel as if they are in someone else’s home and although they will have a look around but will want to leave as fast as they can. Instead, you want the buyers to take their time to have a good look around to make the best decision possible, which will increase the possibility of a successful sale.

To solve this problem, I always suggest removing all visible, personal belongings such as pictures of family, personal mail or notes and pictures on refrigerators. In an office, make sure to store your paperwork in folders to achieve a calm and neat look. In a bathroom, store away all your personal hygiene products. Only leave clean and new towels and a scent diffuser or candle. Invest in storing options, such as baskets and boxes to arrange all your personal belongings. Out of sight, out of the buyer’s mind!

Less is more

This goes hand in hand with the decluttering process. Reduce the amount of decoration on shelves, walls, coffee tables and floors in all rooms, including the kitchen. If you have too much furniture or kitchen appliances, your property can easily look a little cramped. Store some of the pieces that are not essential somewhere else, but make sure your house will not end up too empty! Your property stylist can help you with these decisions. As a result, your home will look more spacious, which is what you are selling in the end: Living space.

Stay with neutral colours

You may be a colourful and eclectic personality, but your potential buyers unfortunately might not. If your property has bright coloured walls, maybe consider painting them in a more neutral tone. It is a relatively small investment that will make a massive difference! In the end, your property should appeal to as many people as possible so you can negotiate the best price for your home.

Make your home sparkling clean

This one is a big one. Invest in a good and reliable cleaning service and deep clean of your property, including floors, ceilings, kitchen, windows, and bathrooms. Potential buyers will have a closer look at cupboards or window treatments, so you want to show these ones from their best side!

Fix what needs to be fixed in your home before selling

Make sure all your lights work, small holes in the wall are covered, and window shutters or blinds are not defective. It is the small things that show buyers that you took good care of your home, which in turn will make your property more appealing.

A single home consultation with your nearest property stylist can also help you to find out what needs to be updated before styling and how you can achieve the best results. You will see how much of a difference these steps already will make!

Martyna from Ginkgo Interiors

About Ginkgo Interiors – We at Ginkgo Interiors believe that homes serve as a retreat from all the noise and stress of our increasingly busy lives and that all spaces can be enhanced with purposeful styling and design.

When we style a property, we are creating a vision for potential buyers, renters, or homeowners for how their living space can not only look, but feel. We work with high-end companies to provide you with the best service possible and offer a variety of styling packages to accommodate all your needs.