Did you know that some house sellers hire furniture to stage their properties? It’s not as insane as it appears! In some circumstances, using rented furniture for staging makes perfect sense. Here is why you should consider renting furniture for a house sale:

When Styling to Sell Your Home, Empty Won’t Sell

Most real estate agents will tell you that homes that are completely devoid of furnishings take twice as long to sell as those that have tasteful furniture. Why? Buyers have a hard time envisioning their own belongings in a home, and the problem is exacerbated when there isn’t any furniture to assist them in establishing perspective.

When styling your home for sale, if it is empty – perhaps you already moved out – you won’t need to furnish as completely as you would if someone were living there, but a handful of rental furniture pieces in each room can help home buyers see a home they could fall in love with, rather than just a cold, empty space.

Top Snap Photography South East HomestagingWhen Styling Your Home for Sale, Your Current Furniture Might Not Work

Another good reason to consider renting furniture for a house sale is if the furniture in place is simply not up to home staging snuff. Perhaps you inherited a home with out-of-date furnishings, or perhaps several real estate agents have warned you that your existing furnishings are too large for the space.

One of the biggest reasons to rent staging furniture is to replace worn, dated or ineffectual for home styling furniture. Better still, when you hire furniture from a home staging professional, they will know the demographic of the customers you are targeting, as well as the kind and scale of furniture you will need and the current design trends that attract those potential home purchasers.

Maximise Your Home’s Extra Selling Points When Styling to Sell

Bonus rooms can help add perceived value to your home for sale and generate extra interest from potential buyers, but not if they are empty or inappropriately furnished. For example, you may enjoy having the entire bottom level almost empty except for your free weights and training videos, but buyers may not be as enthusiastic about a “home gym.”

Renting furniture to style and stage bonus rooms is a lot less expensive than buying it. It can also be an excellent way to create a vision of what a bonus space could offer, even if it does not right now. After the series of lockdowns in Australia, a dedicated home office is now extremely high on many home buyers lists for example, and you can create a very appealing one in a spare room making use of rented furniture and the trained eye of a home styling pro.

Top Snap Photography South East Homestaging DirectoryUse Rental Furniture to Upgrade Your Home When Styling for Sale

Is your furniture a poor reflection of your home? To command the top-dollar price you are hoping for, your house must be “well-dressed,” especially in a rising market. Upgrading your furniture, even if only for a short time, can help purchasers get the impression you want. A more attractive area rug, and a couch with fewer stains. A larger and more stylish bed. These and more may assist you with achieving the high-end look you require in order to sell quickly and for the best possible price.

Use Rented Furniture to Improve Your Home’s ‘Flow’

In the realm of interior design, the term “flow” is frequently used. It is also a term used frequently when discussing home staging, and it is something that both seasoned real estate agents and astute home builders are aware of. But what exactly is home staging flow, and why is it so crucial to achieving when arranging a property for sale? What role does rented furniture play in this?

How people will walk through the room has been visualized ineffective home staging, and the area has been arranged to guide them through it. A person requires at least eighteen to twenty inches of space to maneuver comfortably around the different pieces of furniture placed in a room. If such space is not available, the room – and negotiating it – feels cramped and ‘squished,’ which is not appealing to potential house buyers.

This means that when staging a home, furniture selection is just as crucial as furniture arrangement. A coffee table that is just an inch or two too large, for example, could make the area appear and feel cramped when a smaller option would have freed things up. If your current furniture isn’t producing this all-important home flow, then you can make use of renting furniture for house sale option to replace it with items that will.

Home Staging in Ringwood, AustraliaSave Money with a Renting Furniture for House Sale Option

Selling your home inevitably involves spending at least some money in order to sell it quickly and for top dollar. However, no one wants to spend more money than they need to on a home that they will (hopefully) be leaving very soon.

Unless it is furniture you can specifically see fitting perfectly into your new home, buying furniture for home styling and home staging purposes makes no sense, and certainly won’t be a smart move budget-wise. Renting furniture for house sale option is less expensive, and you won’t be stuck with excess ‘stuff’ once the home is sold.

Renting furniture for home styling also allows you to add very high-end pieces to your home for sale that would otherwise have been well beyond your budget. Buyers know that the furniture in a home for sale won’t be there if they purchase the property, but it is remarkably effective in helping them see its potential as the kind of home they are looking for. High-end furniture sets a tone that will increase a home’s perceived value, and in the end, whatever the real estate comps say, it is what a home buyer perceives a home to be worth to them that determines how much they are willing to offer for it!

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